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 A P.C. Center can accommodate members with their own horses as well as members who do not have a horse, making Pony Club assessable to all children and adults interested.

 Why  Pony Club

Fun and Games

We will offer programs in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Mounted Games and Quiz.

Unmounted meetings will allow members to learn about horse management as well as visits to local veterinarian clinics, tack stores, Farriers and more.  There is now even a Horsemaster Program for Adults!


Horsemanship and Sportsmanship

Pony Club believes that safety and care of the horse, Horse Managment, should be primary goals for all riders.  Pony Club members can participate in team competitions called rallies, which help them learn the importance of cooperation and friendship.  Championships are held every year as well as the Festival at the Kentucky Horse Park every 3 years.

Young Riders Camp

April 4th-6th



Radway Rating


Mounted Meetings

Jan 7th 10-2

Feb. 4th 10-2

Unmounted  Meetings

Jan 7th 10-2

Feb 4th 10-2




Feb. 11th Quiz NC

March 30th-April 2nd Dressage SC

April 21st-23rd Eventing NC

July 26th-29th Championships

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